Patient access to primary care health services in North Lincolnshire

Patient access to GP services has changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For clear advice on how patients can access primary care services - whether that is virtually, remotely or, if appropriate, face-to-face please click here.

Contact our practice via our online consultation

You don’t always need to come into the practice to get our medical expertise. Why not save time and try our new online service. You can input your symptoms online and will receive a response from the practice- usually that day, if a request is received within the Online Consultation daily request times, and are either given advice, directed to other sources of support such as the pharmacy, receive a telephone consultation or if necessary booked in for an appointment. You will also have access to reliable and trustworthy self-help generic information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that may help you to avoid an appointment altogether. You can also use the system to request test results, sick notes, referral letters and medical reports.

It’s easy to get started, just try it and you might save yourself time and a journey. Click on this link to try the service.

We operate an appointment only system and patients may book appointments up to four weeks in advance.

We usually offer urgent new appointments within one weekday. The appointment offered will not necessarily be with your particular Doctor or Nurse of your choice, as this is dependent on availability. We recommend that follow up appointments for the same condition are with the same Doctor or Nurse that you have already seen.

To ensure that you see the most appropriate clinician, the Doctors have requested the Receptionists to ask for some information about the reason for your call. If you do not wish to explain to the Receptionist, please say that it is “personal” and they will record the reason as that. Please give an explanation whenever possible - all your information is treated confidentially.

If you think you need an appointment more urgently than we can routinely offer you, the Receptionist will arrange for one of the Doctors or Nurse Practitioners to speak to you directly so that we can find out more and assess how best to help you. This will usually involve us phoning you back within two hours.

Please do not ask to be seen urgently unless your need is truly urgent.

Cancel Your Appointment

If you can't keep an appointment, please let us know. If you have received a text reminder about your appointment you can simply text CANCEL to 07903 591182.

Alternatively appointments can be cancelled outside working hours by phoning 01724 877744 (West Common Lane Surgery) and leaving a message.

If you miss appointments repeatedly without informing us, we may remove you from our practice register.

Over 1,000 appointments are wasted every year in this practice through patients not attending their appointments and not cancelling them. Please help us by cancelling an appointment as soon as you know you cannot come or no longer need it, so we can give the appointment to another patient.

Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!
Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!